Travelers’ Voice of Kyoto

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Travelers’ Voice is a personal project of DAY ALIVE’s, a collection of video interviews with Kyoto tourists to deliver their real reactions and thoughts. With a mind for multi-faceted support for inbound tourism in Kyoto, the videos are made with future visitors to Kyoto in mind, and also for the greater understanding of the local businesses looking to attract them.

・Videos can be selected based on interview location in Kyoto (i.e. Gion, Arashiyama)
・Search can also be conducted by searching for the home region (North America, Europe, etc.) of the visitor depicted
・Instagram photos taken in the area in question are automatically updated at each location page
・Available in English and Japanese

【Future Development】
・Data results from on-site questionnaires will be published as infographics
・More interviews
・Search will be available based season, visitor age range, number of visits to Kyoto, and more
・Content related to restaurants, bars, inns, and hotels near interview locations
・Video promotion using some of our interview shoots
・Increase in interview locations, available languages, and potentially shooting in other cities as well