Study Kyoto

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  • 翻訳(英語・簡体字・繁体字・韓国語),

The city of Kyoto is a major study abroad destination. For international students hoping to study here, as well as those already on study abroad in the city, Study Kyoto offers support and information: everything from daily life, entertainment, and job hunting to school profiles for those struggling to make the all-important decision amongst Kyoto’s universities, colleges, and Japanese schools.
Study Kyoto is accessible in the languages of the most common international student nationalities in Kyoto—namely, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, and English.
In accordance with the increasingly ubiquity of smartphones, Study Kyoto is cross-device responsive on smartphone, tablet, and computer.
In order to reach potential international students wherever they may live, Study Kyoto publishes via multiple social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Weibo.