Kyoto Image Bank

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  • デザイン,
  • CMS導入,
  • ユーザー管理機能,
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Kyoto Image Bank was built to support the activities of event organizers coming from overseas, as well as the travel and other agencies receiving requests from such organizers. As its name suggests, the site contains a database of beautiful, free-for-use images of Kyoto. Users need only apply and download through the automated system!

To simplify the typically cumbersome process of image data acquisition, by reducing the amount of work on the part of the user and the administrator. The use of an automated system means information such as the most downloaded image, etc., can be easily viewed by the system administrator.

・Automatic username and password generation with new user registration
・Automatic issuing of image download URLs
・Downloadable history of image requests, exportable as a .csv file
・User administration features